Trip Melbourne Museum and the Melbourne Immigration Museum

On the 15/4/2015 we went to the Melbourne Museum and the Melbourne Immigration Museum.  We started at 9:00 am were everybody was excited and ready for the day. We went in groups of year sixes and year fives, but except the year fives went to the Immigration Museum first and we went to the Melbourne Museum first. We caught the 9:10 Bus then got on the tram that took us to the Melbourne Museum. At the Museum we went to the first peoples exhibition. First we were given booklets to fill in during our time at the Museum. While we were there we looked at exhibitions on people who have Journeyed to to Australia and people who first lived in Australia. My favorite part of the museum was the exhibition with a bird creature that represented the eagle for Aboriginal people. There was also sections on Australia’s history and how it has been changed by people over the years. There was also people telling stories about there ancestor’s past and stories that have changed Australia.

After the Museum we walked down to a nice area were we ate our recess. Then we went to the Immigration Museum where we were welcomed by a lady who took us inside and started us of. First of all we were given booklets to fill in while we went around. There were six sections at the Museum that we could go to. These sections discussed the conditions of immigration and the reasons why someone would choose to come and live Australia. First we went to the Leaving home gallery. In here there artifacts about immigration and a film that discussed the issues and reasons for people to come to Australia. Second we went to the Immigrant stories and timeline exhibition were we found out about individual stories of immigrants, and it also had a time line discussing in decades Australia’s immigration history. Then we went to the customs gallery which talks about the conditions of which you can get in to Australia back when people fled from war, ect. Next we went to the Journey of a life exhibition. In here there is a scale small ship. Where we could experience what it would be like for people immigrating on ships many years ago. In the Getting in section we looked at who immigrated to Australia and the laws they had to follow. After that we ate our lunch outside the Museum and took the tram back to school where we had ten minutes to spare before the bell.

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