This BTN Story discussed GST and what path it will take in the future. So far it is not headed where we would want it to be. In The Future Tony Abbott is wanting to increase the amount of GST from 10% to 12.5%, or he will put it on basic foods like flour, eggs, veggies, meat or even sugar.

GST stands for Goods and Services, Tax. Goods are what we can pay for and do not require help from another human to use. Goods can also be things we desire like a PS4. Services are things like teachers or doctors. 10% of things with GST goes to the Government so if I had $110 ten of that goes to the Government. 

Even kids pay for GST. We do This through the things we buy and the services we get provided. But I still wonder if the GST will rise or if it will be put on basic foods?

100 WC- I wish I knew you when

“You know what Fred; I wish I knew you many years ago”.

“Why’s that”?

“Well I had a lot going through my mind when I was going through year 7. I didn’t have one friend and I was teased every day sometimes even cyber bullied. I really just needed a friend to help me or at least tell me I had you”.

“Well you know what I have your back, and if you have mine we make quite the team. Don’t forget I’ll always be there if you need me”.

As Fred walked on the plane I felt sad but I knew I had a great mate.

BTN- Economics

This BTN story was about economics. Economics is all based around money. The Australian Education minister has said that he wants to get economics in every school in Australia. These lessons are not meant to make kids turn into crazy business managers. But they are meant to help kids learn how to handle money and  how to handle bills.

Greece has had a massive debt, so they have to take money from other countries like France and Germany to pay them off. But I still wonder if there will be any massive debts in Australia?

100 WC- Take Risks

Answers, answers are what give us knowledge and fame. The more answers you know the smarter you will be and the harder the questions that you can answer may bring you fame.  Questions are used in many places; they are used in tests, game shows, ect. Your answers can help you win but they may make you lose. But from loses comes knowledge. Questions can be seen through riddles, riddles are not meant to be easy to solve but you may use clues or hints to help you solve them. Questions are what help you discover and learn.

100WC- picture post

I was starting to feel like I was the only person left. I began to believe that the war had killed every last person and I was next. The suddenly I heard a rustling in the bushes, I turned around with my gun at the ready… then popped out my old mate. It was Tim. I hurried over he was badly injured with blood wounds all over his body. I got out my first aid kit and helped him out. But I was to late, he had joined all our other friends who took their final sleep for their country. Then I was alone once again.


BTN- The Ashes (Lords)

This BTN story discussed the cricket ground Lords. Lords is regarded as the home of cricket having had so much history and amazing people that have played on the pitch. The Ashes are kept in the Lords Sports Museum. This is because the Ashes is so old and fragile that it can’t be taken anywhere.

The Ashes began as a joke 130 years ago. Australia had finally beat England at England.  Because of this, a journalist wrote that England had died. After the game the English captain said he wants to come and play at Australia. While the captain was over in Australia he was given the Ashes which is now battled for every two years between England and Australia. Because the Ashes is so old each time a team wins they get a replica of the Ashes and a Crystal Trophy.

Lords is the cricket ground where the laws of cricket are made. This rule book is very little but has every rule you have to follow in cricket. Lords also has something called The Media Center. This is where journalists and people from TV go to look at cricket. It is also home to the Lords Sports Museum this is where the Ashes is kept. But I still wonder if there will be something else like the Ashes?


BTN: Fossil Fuel

This BTN story discussed the issues the world has been having around fossil fuels. Last week the G7 was held. This is for the world’s 7 most powerful countries. They said that they would stop using fossil fuels by the end of the end of 2100. Coal, oil and gas are all fossil fuels and they can nearly power everything you see around you.

Fossil fuels take 100’s of million years to be made. At this time the world was full of dinosaurs and the seas were full of life. For fossil fuels to be made a living thing has to die, all living things have carbon and this is whats needed to make fossil fuels, this is the first step in making fossil fuels.  Carbon is in dinosaurs, humans, plants and animals. Secondly these fossil have to fall to the bottom of the ocean where they need to have access to heat from the ocean water and pressure from sand and other  heavy substances. Then there’s a lot of waiting until they become fossil fuels. Coal and gas are also made that way just a bit different.

In the 1800 fossil fuels really began to be used. And this is when the world’s climate change problems became a problem. There are two problems with climate change, the first is that it has to eventually run out and it makes pollution. Scientists say if we do not cut down how much fossil fuel we use the sea level will rise and there will be a lot more extreme weather. But I still wonder if we will actually stop using fossil fuels?

BTN: FIFA Scandal

This BTN story discussed the issues Fifa officials have lately been having with who will hold the World Cup in 2022. Fifa is the World soccer community, it is loved by billions of people all around the world.  Nine FIFA officials have been arrested for corruption. Corruption is when you are dishonest in a position or power you have been given. Some of these men have been accused of taking millions and millions of dollars from countries for favors. These favors are their votes for whoever should hold the 2022 World Cup.`

The World cup is the biggest sporting event in the world, it is even bigger than the Olympics. Australia put a bid of 46 million dollars towards the 2022 World cup, but in the the end Qatar got to hold the event. But there are some problems with Qatar holding the event.

Qatar is a very small country in the middle east, it also has a very small population. Only 2 million people live in Qatar. It can get very hot temperatures too. It can get to 50 degrees. These temperatures occur in June this is when the World cup is played. This is why they are moving the time of the World Cup. Fifa has had to change the time of the event to a cooler time of the year. This is the first time it has been moved in its whole history. Qatar is also not treating their workers well. They have horrible work regulations so because they need to build so many buildings many people are dying. 1200 workers have died since the project began.

If they find that Qatar or Russia has done the wrong thing they may lose their privileges to hold the event. Sepp Blatter (the leader of Fifa) wasn’t involved in the scandal but he will still be stepping down. There are still people checking out if he wasn’t involved. There will still be a few more months until they get a ne

w leader. But I still wonder if Sepp was part of it?

BTN: Dear Hope Street

Dear Hope Street.

This BTN Story discussed Dear Hope Street. This is an activity for all kids to connect with others all round the world, teaching kids how different people live and making kids aware of how easy things are to find on the web. Dear Hope Street was created by Alex who is wanting kids to take their own actions in interacting with kids and people all around the globe.

All you need to have is internet, a postcard, a warm message to go in your letter and a house to pick that lives on hope street. But before you post your message you need to take a photo of it and put it online so whoever receives it can return it to you or start a conversation. On your postcard that you receive will be a picture of your house drawn by the child sending the message. Students will look at that house by google street view to get an idea of what the house looks like.

This is all about trying to send hope around the world and with over 1000 kids already taking part it has a good future. But I still wonder is this changing the world or having no effect?