Athletics carnival

Yesturday was the Athletics day I was so excited because I love Athletics, But I was sick on that day. I was put in alot of the events which mad me pretty HAPPY.  I was put in mostly  running events the running events I was put in were 400, 800 and 100 but I wanted to swap my 800 meters with someone in the 100 relay because our normal team always wins. I am not very nervous but the competition is very good. I am the youngest in my age group, which is very annoying but I can live with it. YEAHHHH

by ben


On Sunday the 7th of April. Dad, Mum, my bro and I went to St Arnaud to see most of the family on my mum’s side. On the last day of our visit we went to Dunolly. When we got there we went to the Dunolly Museum. There were guns, gold, old telephones, the door from where John Flynn was born and gold detectors. After that we went to shops and saw some very, very old things that you couldn’t find in other places. And there was a small shop that sold every wool thing you could ever amaigine. Then we went to a cafe and I had a strawberry milk shake. Yum. Then we went back to my Aunty Vera’s house.

Wednesday 03/04/13

On Wednesday I had a play with my friend’s Ferris and Dev, they came to my place at 10.00 in the morning. When they got there my brother and I showed them our new pet bird, Joe. Joe is a cockatiel. After that we had a little snack and decided which movie to see at the cinemas. We watched Oz the great and powerful.  I thought the movie was pretty awesome. Before we went to the cinemas we played in the Games Arcade.  I won a water pistol and a whistle. When we got home we played on the Wii. Then Dev went home and we played soccer at his place.  After that we had dinner with Ferris. We had chicken stir fry. Then we dropped Ferris of at his house.