eSmart Digital Licence

eSmart is a website created to give kids a better understanding of being safe on the Internet. Previously you have had to pay to access eSmart but it has been changed so it is free to year six students. Once you have logged onto the website you are given a P.D.F  file that you can read talking about the eSmart website, there are also files regarding the tests.

In order to gain your eSmart digital licence you need to complete all eight tests. These relate to eight areas that that regard being safe on the internet. These tests have ten questions and you must answer eight questions correctly to pass. But before you take the test it is best to read the information regarding that test.

Module 1:  `This module was about digital devices. This test talked about the importance of keeping your devices in a safe. If you want to be safe with your devices it is good to have a pass code keeping your devices safe. It is also a good idea to keep a protective equipment around your devices to keep them safe. It is a good idea to also try to keep less pass codes on your device which can mean piracy is less of an option.

This is why keeping safe on your device and keeping your devices safe is so important. But I still wonder why some people have the idea to steal other peoples equipment?

Module 2: This module was made to give kids an idea of how to be safe with your pass words and keeping your details safe. If you want to be safe it is good to keep your private details as safe as possible. It is also a good idea to keep your details off devices that can be access by other people so it is not always safe to keep private pass words on mobile devices.

If you want to be safe with your pass words you should try to keep them in private that you know only you can access. It is also good to keep your private information on profiles for only your friends and family. But this makes me wonder if most people know this, why is there still so many pass words lost?

Module 3: This module is about staying safe while you you are researching