BTN: Bionic Body

This BTN story discussed Bionic Body parts and the effect they have created around the world. Bionic Body Parts are created for people who have inactive body parts, lost body parts or if you where born with no or only a little bit of a body part. Bionic body parts haven’t been around for too long. In 1970 Australia created one of the first Bionic body parts, the bionic ear, which is now being used all around the world. Scientist believe people can have 60% of the human body recreated, which was shown by the Smithsonian Museum who created ‘Rex’ the bionic man. But people are unsure if bionic technology is the future of our life today.

The Smithsonian Museum has been able to create a man competely from bionic body parts. This is a great achievement for the world. ‘Rex’ is able to move and see like a human except ‘Rex’ is still not able to move and see at the same standard as a human.  The Museum has also created lungs, hearts and kidneys that can partially work like a human. They have also created blood from plastic.

There have also been some very succesful scientists from the USA who have been able to create small parts of a mice, rat and monkey brain that can be used in those living animals. And there are so many more bionic body parts that are out there. There is a fake cartalige, organs and eyes that scientists have been able to create. For example scientists have creted an artificial heart that can be used in a living sheep. But with the help of 3D printers scientists will be able to create even more. And with these bionic body parts we will be seeing many more stories just like Alex’s.

Alex was born with a partialy developed right arm which meant he was unnable to use his right arm. So he was given a bionic body part to get him back on his feet (or arms), but I would say he might even be happier that he got to meet iron man. So I have to ask will we be seeing more bionic equipment in the future?


This BTN story discussed the issues and concerns around cursive writing. Cursive Writing is starting to be believed as silly or has no meaning.  So many schools across Australia have began using computers more than writing. Finland has completely ditched cursive writing all across the country. NAPLAN is now having all their test on technology which some say could either increase or decrease the results of tests.

I wonder why so many,  many schools are getting rid of cursive writing because it decreases spelling, neatness and speed of writing. Those are just some of the reasons why cursive writing is important. By getting rid of cursive writing would mean that all of Nicolas Nicola’s effort would go to waist.

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