On a very happy day in Bundamba 1910 there lived a boy called Torres and he was 12 years old. He had a mum and a dad. He did not have many friends but I did have 10 aunties and 5 uncles he also had a pet crocodile whose name was Chomp and he liked to feed the fish that lived in the lake with his crocodile. But sometimes Chomp would eat the fish. Torres liked to play cricket, run and ride on his dad’s bike.

Torres best friend was Kimbry. Kimbry was 13 years old. He too had a very big family. But he did not have a dad. His dad died when he was 4 years old.

When the night time came there was some fireworks going on and all of Bundamba were there even chomp. Torres and his family slipped the night. When the Sun came up and it was time to play a spark came down.

The spark hit Torres and killed him and he came up to the Sun and hit it. Then sparks came out when he hit it. And ever since those sparks come just at night. They were called STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!