BTN- Scrabble


This BTN story talked about the well known game, we know as scrabble. Scrabble to most people is just a game you play with your family when its raining, but for some people it is a serious competition, that sees them all around the world. Recently 125 kids have gathered in Perth to compete in the World Scrabble Championships. This year has been a very good year for Australians, with the most amount of kids they have ever had competing at this tournament.

The rules of scrabble are very easy, the first is to pick up seven letters from a bag or container, the second to make words with the letters you have picked up. When playing it is a good idea to incorporate the bonuses below your words. The game is over when there are no tiles left. Whoever has the most points from their words is the winner. But with so many new words being made Scrabble has to add some new words to their game. Some of the recently added words are hashtag, selfie, emoji, ‘lol’, bromance, frenemy and onesie. So I still wonder what words are still waiting to join the scrabble word list?

The Grand Teddy Bear (teddyous)

Found in the Rain forests of Peru the Grand Teddy Bear is an incredible animal. The Grand Teddy Bear uses up to 20% of its brain capacity making them exceptional communicators. The Grand Teddy bear is the only known animal to have used English to communicate. These animals depend on their incredible brain capacity to help them self survive. They do not use claws or sharp teeth as a source of protection but they do have claws which they use in other ways, so every single Grand Teddy Bear uses a cane as a source of protection, some of these canes have been known to turn into guns which is the ultimate protection in the wild.

These animals are enthusiasts in their gardens. These show the individuality of the Teddy Bear. Some gardens are full of cacti while others may be full of roses and daisies. They have access to tools and equipment not even humans have, some of the best tools they use use plutonium which Astronauts have discovered from recent trips. They are also optimists in sport. They have invested billions of dollars towards sports facilities. There favorite sport being ‘Quidich’ a descendant off the movie Harry Potter. They have created broom sticks that can fly but have not released any information on how they are made. Some of the worlds best agents have attempted recovering these blue prints but have not succeeded. They are hidden in a top secret facility invisible to the human eye but quite easily visible to a Grand Teddy Bear.

The Grand Teddy Bear is dissent from cats, dolphins, owls and bears. Owls have given these creatures a fabulous sense of sight. The owls head can spin a remarkable 360 degrees. Tho this is not a feature the Great Teddy Bear has. Being able to access 20% of their brains capacity, they have used this feature to access amazing sight abilities. The bear has given them the appearance they have today. This gives them small claws which doesn’t help with attacking and defending themselves from prey but it does help them with grip for climbing. Cats have given these animal whiskers. They use their whiskers as a scanner of their surrounding. Accessing 20% of their brains capacity allows them to have this adaptation. Lastly dolphins have given them their access to 20% of their brains capacity which is by far one of their most valuable adaptations.

BTN- Resuscitation

This BTN story talked about resuscitation. Resuscitation is is a skill everyone should know because you never know when someones life will be hanging in the balance and you are the only person who can help. When you learn Resuscitation there are 6 steps you need to follow or for short DRSABC.

D-Danger, check the surroundings for any potential dangers if there are shards of glass clear the area so you are not in danger. If there are other problems like oil or gas leeks move the patient away from from the problem. Just remember never put yourself in danger, consult with the ambulance and they will tell you what to do.

R- Response, Ask questions to your patient to check if they are knocked out. Questions you should ask are, can you hear me? What’s your name? Open your eyes? If there is  no response it is time for step S.

S- Send For Help, In this step you ring 000 (the emergency service), when you ring them they will ask you, what do you need? In response say the ambulance, secondly they will ask you, where you are? Here just tell them the number, street and suburb the problem has occurred at. From here never break the call as the ambulance will be instructing you and asking you questions towards the patient.

A- Airways, The next question the ambulance will ask you is, are they breathing? When they ask you this make it as easy as it can be to breath, so lie them on their side, tilt their head up a fraction and have there face on about a 35 degree angle towards the ground.

B- Now to answer this question do three things the first is to;

  • check if you can see their stomach moving up and down
  • try to hear their breathing through their mouth and nose 
  • and lastly  try to feel their breathing from their mouth and nose 

If none of these things have been met it is time for C

C- CPR or (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), put you hands out strait at the bottom/middle of their chest and press down hard for 30 times, then two breaths. Repeat this until the ambulance arrives. If there is still no response from the patient the ambulance crew will perform D, (defibrillation).

Performing DRSABC may be hard but it is something you should learn and use if needed. But I still wonder if there are better ways to save peoples lives? 

Red Blood 100 WC

“Run, Run”.

The sirens rang loud. People runnin’ around and around. The Germans had found the enemies bass, coverin’ the exits we were surrounded. I had no idea what to do we we were attacked. But I did one thin’, me and my friend Johnny got our diggers out, made a whole, and hid.

Not a world was spoken, we were as dead as a door nob. German soldiers past, pullin’ our soldiers along the ground. Screams filled the air, running down, each, and ever tunnel. Blood the color of red drifted past, destroyin’ each and every poppy, turnin’ each and every one red.

Watch Point- 100WC

One after another I watched the cars pass over and over. Not knowing which will stop and which will keep their engines running. But something strange happened 2 years ago.

As I usually do I was sitting in my bedroom observing from my watch tower and saw a black car strolling down the street. It was not stopping; it was not continuing along the street but almost walking down the road.

I felt scared and rushed to the light and turned it off, closed my blinds and got the torch. It felt like this was a distraction, then as I turned my back I saw…

100 WC Week #5

Nod, nod, nod. Bella fell slowly asleep, drifting away in her boat so high in the sky.

“Hey guys” Bella said with a grin on her face, wondering what her and her teds would get up to today. It may be fighting crime or just flying a kite. But today it would be a fantastic outing. To the high hills of Mt Everest where she would camp with her friends.

“Vroom, vroom, and vroom” the car revved as they chugged up the hill, to where they would set camp. But once they reached the top Bella woke, to her picture, of Mt Everest …


100wc Week #4 …then, in the middle of the noise…

…Then, in the middle of the noise…

It was Christmas Eve where Mum, Dad, my Brother and I were all sitting at the table having our special Christmas dinner. But something strange happened, as we were having our dinner. We heard a sound coming from the bedroom.

“Creekkkkk”, only, I heard the noise. But soon later, my whole family heard. We were all scared, petrified some would say. Nevertheless Dad walked slowly and quietly, into the bedroom. Each step he took the sound seemed to gradually become louder and louder. Then, in the middle of the noise, we heard.

“BANG”! And when we opened the door… we saw…

100WC- Money

“Ring, Ring”.


“You’ve got the job, Congratulations. You start tomorrow 12 pm”.

“Thankyou, I’ll be there ready”.

“Ding, Dong”.

“Come in”.

I walked inside and I could see all the different awards, I could feel the pressure gaining on me that if a mucked up I was gone. “Congrats, your first job is to go fetch me my mail from down the hall on your right. I walked down the hall and saw two rooms; I wasn’t sure if I should go back and ask or go through. But I went through and when I opened the door I saw millions, that’s when I noticed……

BTN- Greek Austerity

This BTN story talked about the loans Greece has been given and the Austerity that goes with it. A while back Greece ran out of money so they had to take money from other countries. You may think this is a good idea but the more money Greece takes the higher the Austerity goes. Austerity means that you have to stop spending too much money so you can pay your loan back sooner.

From these loans Greece has had to make some very strict conditions these conditions have come from Austerity. Some of these conditions are higher taxes, fewer jobs and  less pay. So as the Austerity goes higher some people would get very upset and annoyed which makes them do very bad things. Some People say Greece is at its worst time. This is why when offers for money come Greece people do not want to take it. But I still wonder if this will ever happen to Australia?

Flowers Poem

Hatched from an elder,

Grows old no end

Getting bigger and bigger

Growing conscious again.

Rain falling down,

Our umbrellas growing higher

Our arms all out,

Blooming every hour.

Now visitors are coming,

To taste our well-made desires,

Flying higher and higher

To please their greatest master.

Now becoming hotter,

Pools do no work

Getting hotter and hotter

Now every hour.

Growing once again,

Our friends are out to hunt

Flying round and round.

Now every hour.