Royal Botanic garden reflection

On the 9th of the December the buddies went to the Royal Botanic Gardens. At the Gardens we saw ferns, trees, herbs, shrubs, animals, lakes and a man riding a gondolier. Our first stop was the lake.

The lake is home to many animals and creatures. Some of these animals are birds, ducks and eels. While we were at the lake the prep buddies were asked to record how many animals they saw and draw a picture of each one.  In this activity the preps got up and close to a very enthusiastic eel. We even saw a man riding a gondolier.

Next we went to the herb garden. At the herb garden we found many bright colours and beautiful smells which could make you wish you were there for the whole day. When we were at the herb garden the buddies were asked to fill in their booklets, we were asked to find the ‘lemon verbena’ and the ‘orange sage’. We record what they look like and described the features they have.

After that we went on a lovely walk through ‘fern gully’ to ‘princess hill’. In this walk we found many birds, plants and rivers. It was nearly a walk through the rain forest as the sprinklers started working, and the rivers were flowing like waterfalls.

Lastly we went to the main oval were all the three groups met up. There we all ate our lunch and played some games. The first game we played was duck, duck, goose. At our school this is regarded as the biggest game of duck, duck, goose in the world, because all the preps, year 5 and year 6’s play. Our second and final game was toilet tiggy.

After that we went to school, and had a relaxing last period.

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