BTN- NASA Astronauts

This BTN story talked about how and what to do to become an astronaut. NASA has announced that they need more astronauts for future missions, some of these missions will be missions to mars and so forth. NASA has put out four requirements an astronaut must have to go to space;

  1. To become an astronaut you must be between 1.5 and 1.9 metres tall.
  2. You must have perfect vision.
  3. You must have a degree in maths, engineering or science.
  4. And you must have an American citizenship.

In 1959 the first astronauts were selected. These astronauts were selected because they used to be pilots for the military, but now days usually astronauts are scientists, doctors or teachers. For the position of an astronaut, 1000’s of people apply but only a selected few get the chance. Once you have been selected you go through two years of training. In this you go through a series of experiments and drills. And you will learn how to speak Russian to the other crew members. But I still wonder if any other people will be chosen?

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