The bomb that destroys life

It was one day before the war had ended, and for one family this day, meant hell. Harry Bell was a dad of two children, one is 20 years old who is an apprentice bank owner and one is 3 who cant even speak yet.

“Harry, can you hear that, in the bushes” John whispered, trembling all over.

“Not just yet John”.

“Wait whats that in the air”

“Its a bomb”. Harry jumped to the bomb, and, he was gone.

As Harry’s family listened to the radio, they heard that the war had finished. But at that moment a man came with a Red note in his hand. He came to the door and slid the note under the door.

“Daddies dead” Juliet cried, she wouldn’t stop crying. All the family fell and not care that Juliet had said a word.

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