100WC- Money

“Ring, Ring”.


“You’ve got the job, Congratulations. You start tomorrow 12 pm”.

“Thankyou, I’ll be there ready”.

“Ding, Dong”.

“Come in”.

I walked inside and I could see all the different awards, I could feel the pressure gaining on me that if a mucked up I was gone. “Congrats, your first job is to go fetch me my mail from down the hall on your right. I walked down the hall and saw two rooms; I wasn’t sure if I should go back and ask or go through. But I went through and when I opened the door I saw millions, that’s when I noticed……

BTN- Greek Austerity

This BTN story talked about the loans Greece has been given and the Austerity that goes with it. A while back Greece ran out of money so they had to take money from other countries. You may think this is a good idea but the more money Greece takes the higher the Austerity goes. Austerity means that you have to stop spending too much money so you can pay your loan back sooner.

From these loans Greece has had to make some very strict conditions these conditions have come from Austerity. Some of these conditions are higher taxes, fewer jobs and  less pay. So as the Austerity goes higher some people would get very upset and annoyed which makes them do very bad things. Some People say Greece is at its worst time. This is why when offers for money come Greece people do not want to take it. But I still wonder if this will ever happen to Australia?

Flowers Poem

Hatched from an elder,

Grows old no end

Getting bigger and bigger

Growing conscious again.

Rain falling down,

Our umbrellas growing higher

Our arms all out,

Blooming every hour.

Now visitors are coming,

To taste our well-made desires,

Flying higher and higher

To please their greatest master.

Now becoming hotter,

Pools do no work

Getting hotter and hotter

Now every hour.

Growing once again,

Our friends are out to hunt

Flying round and round.

Now every hour.


This BTN Story discussed GST and what path it will take in the future. So far it is not headed where we would want it to be. In The Future Tony Abbott is wanting to increase the amount of GST from 10% to 12.5%, or he will put it on basic foods like flour, eggs, veggies, meat or even sugar.

GST stands for Goods and Services, Tax. Goods are what we can pay for and do not require help from another human to use. Goods can also be things we desire like a PS4. Services are things like teachers or doctors. 10% of things with GST goes to the Government so if I had $110 ten of that goes to the Government. 

Even kids pay for GST. We do This through the things we buy and the services we get provided. But I still wonder if the GST will rise or if it will be put on basic foods?

100 WC- I wish I knew you when

“You know what Fred; I wish I knew you many years ago”.

“Why’s that”?

“Well I had a lot going through my mind when I was going through year 7. I didn’t have one friend and I was teased every day sometimes even cyber bullied. I really just needed a friend to help me or at least tell me I had you”.

“Well you know what I have your back, and if you have mine we make quite the team. Don’t forget I’ll always be there if you need me”.

As Fred walked on the plane I felt sad but I knew I had a great mate.

BTN- Economics

This BTN story was about economics. Economics is all based around money. The Australian Education minister has said that he wants to get economics in every school in Australia. These lessons are not meant to make kids turn into crazy business managers. But they are meant to help kids learn how to handle money and  how to handle bills.

Greece has had a massive debt, so they have to take money from other countries like France and Germany to pay them off. But I still wonder if there will be any massive debts in Australia?

100 WC- Take Risks

Answers, answers are what give us knowledge and fame. The more answers you know the smarter you will be and the harder the questions that you can answer may bring you fame.  Questions are used in many places; they are used in tests, game shows, ect. Your answers can help you win but they may make you lose. But from loses comes knowledge. Questions can be seen through riddles, riddles are not meant to be easy to solve but you may use clues or hints to help you solve them. Questions are what help you discover and learn.