100WC- picture post

I was starting to feel like I was the only person left. I began to believe that the war had killed every last person and I was next. The suddenly I heard a rustling in the bushes, I turned around with my gun at the ready… then popped out my old mate. It was Tim. I hurried over he was badly injured with blood wounds all over his body. I got out my first aid kit and helped him out. But I was to late, he had joined all our other friends who took their final sleep for their country. Then I was alone once again.


BTN- The Ashes (Lords)

This BTN story discussed the cricket ground Lords. Lords is regarded as the home of cricket having had so much history and amazing people that have played on the pitch. The Ashes are kept in the Lords Sports Museum. This is because the Ashes is so old and fragile that it can’t be taken anywhere.

The Ashes began as a joke 130 years ago. Australia had finally beat England at England.  Because of this, a journalist wrote that England had died. After the game the English captain said he wants to come and play at Australia. While the captain was over in Australia he was given the Ashes which is now battled for every two years between England and Australia. Because the Ashes is so old each time a team wins they get a replica of the Ashes and a Crystal Trophy.

Lords is the cricket ground where the laws of cricket are made. This rule book is very little but has every rule you have to follow in cricket. Lords also has something called The Media Center. This is where journalists and people from TV go to look at cricket. It is also home to the Lords Sports Museum this is where the Ashes is kept. But I still wonder if there will be something else like the Ashes?