BTN: Quarantine Questions

This BTN story discussed the issues that Johnny Depp has lately been having lately with his two dogs. Johnny Depp has taken his two dogs illegally into Australia. This because he did not put them in quarantine. Quarantine is when something is kept in an area where they can be checked. This is something that Pistol and Boo have forgotten to do. Johnny Depp got caught out with the agricultural minister Barnaby Joyce.

The reason why people are concerned about this matter is because they could have a disease which could wipe out a type of plant or animal. This is called Bio Security. When an animal goes through quarantine they could be there for 10-30 days. If an animal goes through quarantine in goes through three steps first they will put a microchip in the animal, next they will vaccinate them, after that they will check for parasites then they will check for diseases.

But I still wonder if these animals didn’t go through quarantine could they harm Australia?

BTN: Battery Breakthrough

This BTN episode discussed batteries and if eventually fossil fuels and coals will not be used. Most of Australia’s energy sources are made from coal or fossil fuels but some people believe we don’t need these energy sources to power Australia. When we use coal and fossil fuel power a lot gets lost while we transport. You lose 70% of this energy through heat. And 10% of this energy gets lost through transportation through electricity lines.

Coal and fossil fuels may seem good to use but while this is being made into energy it releases gas which is changing the World’s climate. This is why people are wanting to use more renewable energy to help climate change. But there is a problem with doing this because coal and fossil fuels are always ready for use day or night. But Renewable energy can only be used when there is sunlight or wind, (solar power or wind power).

There is something that can help tho. Batteries. Batteries can help because it can store electricity (electrons) inside of them. This means this energy can be used all the time. Which means renewable energy is a permanent energy source.

The reason why batteries work is because they are made up of a special substance. These chemicals when they break down they release electrons. When they release electrons this is called electricity. Current batteries aren’t strong enough to hold this kind of electricity. But there is a new source of energy that can hold this electricity for much longer. It doesn’t take up  too much space only sitting on a wall. But scientist still believe there will be better ways to store and use energy in the future.

100 WC Week #34

As I began to walk into the room, I was shocked at what I saw, nothing. The whole room was empty. Then I heard the door swing shut. I tried to get out but while I was trying to get out something caught my eye. It was a woven basket, tall and long. As I was walking over to the basket I heard a knock on the door. I picked up a pencil in my pocket as my only defence. And the door swang open. It was my daughter.

“Hi Dad have you seen my  new pet” So as she lifted the lid…

Term One Unit Reflection.

Introduction on project: In term one we did a project on immigration to Australia from 1700’s to today. We went on excursions, we worked in year groups and we worked in class groups. My group project was based around immigration from Chile and Vietnam. During this project I learnt why immigrants from Chile and Vietnam came to Australia, when they came to Australia, how  they came to Australia and how these immigrants have affected immigration to Australia. The reason why Chilean people came to Australia was because of Governor Pinochet creating a military coup in 1973.  The reason why Vietnamese came to Australia is because of a war in their country. These immigrants have had a big influence on Australia today.

Three facts that you found interesting or surprising:

  1. The first fact I found surprising was why immigrants from Chile  came to Australia. The reason why Chilean immigrants came to Australia was because of Governor Pinochet who created a military coup in 1973. A military coup is when soldiers are unsure of what they are doing but in fact they are creating a different Government. This made people come to Australia because the people in Chile where all being forced to do something and their country was in poverty. So if you wanted to immigrate you had to take plane because to go from Chile to Australia is 12, 726 km, this meant the trip for some would be to expensive.
  2. The second fact I found Interesting was how much of an impact the government has had on immigration to Australia from Chile and Vietnam. There was three decisions that affected immigration to Australia and they were made by three of Australian Prime Minister’s. These Prime Ministers where Harold Holt, Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser. The first decision was made by Harold Holt in 1966 who got rid of the White Australian policy. The Second decision was made by Gough Whitlam in 1973 who told immigration officials that they could allow any race into Australia. The third decision was made by Malcolm Fraser who allowed more immigrants into Australia. All these decisions have made an effect on Australia today.
  3. The third fact I found interesting was why immigrants from Vietnam came to Australia. These immigrants came to Australia because a war in their country that nearly went for thirty years. Australia got involved in 1962-1975. This war ended in 1975 this is when most immigrants from Vietnam came to Australia. These immigrants came on boats or planes because the distance is only 5, 170 km. This war made people want to come to Australia because they may have lost family in Vietnam or had to come to Australia because it is safe and helpful.

Two understandings you now have:

  1. The first understanding I now have is how the immigration laws have changed over time. Immigration laws have been changed over time mainly through laws made by Prime Ministers. It was much easier for people from Vietnam and Chile to come to Australia during the 1960-1980. This is because the rules that were made by the three Prime ministers. These rule may of been set in stone back then, but some have changed. For example Australia is trying to lower the number of immigrants nowadays. They are also not providing immigrants with money if they do not have a job. The laws that help these immigrants many years ago were made by Harold Holt, Malcolm Fraser and Gough Whitlam.
  2. I also have a greater understanding of the different people that have come to Australia and when they came. The first set of people that came to Australia where the British in the early 1800 hundreds. They came with the first fleet this caused controversy with the Aboriginals. The second big group of people that came to Australia where people searching for Gold ‘The Gold Rush’. This happened in the 1850’s. This made people come because they wanted money and Gold. Next came the Squatters and Selectors. These are people that buy or steal land and make farms or homes. These people came in the late 1800’s. Next came the post World War One and post World War Two immigrants. These people came because their countries have been in poverty or in danger for many years due to War. And last the Vietnamese and Chilean immigrants who came from war and poverty in their country.

One wonder you still have:

  • A wonder I still have is that if some of these immigrants didn’t come what would Australia be like today, Multicultural, have more or less people or would Australia be just like what it is today?

What were the most important things I have learnt:

  • I believe the most important thing I have learnt is the different people who have shaped Australia today. This is the most important thing I have learnt because it has taught me who are the people the have immigrated to Australia. When They came to Australia, and how they have shaped Australia today.

How did I learn it:

  • I learnt this through class lessons we had through the first term. While we learnt this we were split into classes of year 5’s and year 6’s . At the start of the term we focussed on British settlement in Australia, mainly focussing on the First Fleet ’26 January 1788′. After we learnt about British settlement. Then year 5’s learnt about immigrants from the 1800’s and the year 6’s learnt about immigrant’s from the 1900’s. Finally we did projects on a specific group of immigrants and shared it with our class and some with all the 5/6’s.  

What am I going to do with what I have learnt:

  • I have already used my knowledge to help me do a project on immigration, narrowing down on immigrants from Chile and Vietnam. I have also used my knowledge for a ‘Term Reflection’ showing everything you have learnt through our history unit.



BTN: Chess Classes

This BTN story discussed chess and if it should become part of the Australian curriculum. Some people believe that chess should be taught at every school. Because it has many benefits in helping kids education.  It improves maths skills, it boosts your memory because while playing chess you need to remember strategy. It improves your problem solving skills from learning what to do if you come into a bad position. It can also make you more creative.

In chess there are two players each with 16 pieces. The chess board consists of six different pieces. The aim of the game is to check mate the king. You do this by butting the oppositions king in a position where the king is check and cannot do anything to save itself. The night is the only piece that can jump over a piece. While being able to jump over pieces it can moves up three then go one to the side. The castle can move up, down and side ways. It can also castle with the king, this means it jumps over the king while the king moves across. The king can castle or move one space in any direction. The pawn can move two spaces forward on its first move. Then it can only move one space being able to take diagonally. Also if it makes it to the end of the board it can be switched for a bishop, knight, castle or queen. The queen can move side ways, diagonal, up and down as far as it wants until it reaches another piece. The bishop can move diagonally.

Chess has been around since 6th century.  Historians think that chess came from ancient India. They believe it was made so Indian budus monks could fight each other while not having to hurt or touch each other. Chess has also been used in movies like Harry Potter well for them it is wizards chess.

So I still wonder should chess be taught as part of the national curriculum not just a school activity?

100 WC Week #33

-but the ferocious wind-

It all started out as a normal day in Peaceville. The sun was shinning, the flowers were blossoming, and the children were singing happy songs. Until there was some breaking news.

“Hello I’m Alicia Loxely, first to breaking news. Peaceville is about to be hit by a category 5 cyclone.  If you hear this ..escape… as quickly as you can!”

“Mum we have to go now or we will be caught” Charlie said to her with a tear in his eye.

“Okay darling, will pick up dad on the way” Charlie’s mother replied.

But the ferocious wind came. And as they were driving they heard a crash right where their dad works……………..

BTN: Dinosaur show

This BTN story discussed the internationally known and loved production Walking With Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs became extinct nearly 75 million years ago, but there fossils stayed and are now being investigated by palaeontologists all around the world. This show involves 21 different dinosaurs which are used inside performances. In these 21 different dinosaurs there are 10 different species.

These different dinosaurs include Plateosaurus  some of the smaller herbivores. They also have baby dinosaurs that crack out of their shell. There is also the t-Rex the last killer dinosaur living at the end of that 120 million year period where dinosaurs were around. The show also involves the 25 metre Brachiosaurus.

This show travels the world doing international performances all year round. Some say this show brings dinosaurs back to life.  There is also a lot of work that goes into making these dinosaurs look real. The shows palaeontologists also do a lot of work on studying dinosaur  teeth and bones to make these dinosaurs look real. These palaeontologists also look at trace fossils left behind from these dinosaurs many years ago. Trace fossils are usually from foot prints and burrows made from dinosaurs. You can tell the size of an animal, the stride length of an animals legs, how fast an animal can run and if they are predator which would have a 3 pronged foot like a Utorapter, herbivores do not have pronged feet. From fossils palaeontologist can tell the size, shape, colour and how these animals may of behaved.

These dinosaurs are mega puppets and can way as much as a car. The dinosaurs are classified as vodo puppets. These dinosaurs are controlled by a vodo rig which is controlled by a vodo puppeteer. The vodo rigs are basically a smaller version of the dinosaur. But I still wonder if dinosaurs will rise again?

100 WC Week #32

bird and lego thing

“Hello I’m Peter Hitchener. First to breaking news now, the city of Melbourne has been abducted by a ginormous bird. Yet to know what it is some say it may be a dinosaur”.

We heard in the back ground as we walked past. “Hey mum, if you want to know, that’s a ‘prontosaurolas’”. I told my mum.

“Is it now dear”?

“I know how to speak to them. I can make it go away”.

I walked up to the bird and it turns out we have a lot in common. All he wants is bird seeds and he’ll go away.

100 WC week #31

Cinderella was tormented until one day she was granted a wish by a magical fairy. So she said she wanted to turn into a fairy so the the fairy said “Okay”.  Cinderella was so happy so she decided to turn her master and and two step sisters into frogs.  Later in that day Cinderella was invited to a ball. She made herself look beautiful but because the step sisters where jealous they jumped into her dress. During that night Cinderella met a lovely man but while they were dancing the frogs jumped on the man. And Cinderella never saw him again, and lived happily ever after.

BTN: Life in the Trenches

This BTN story discussed life in the trenches for soldiers in the first world war. The reason for most of the death at Gallipoli was actually because of malnutrition and bad conditions. Considering some of these boys are only 14 years old having to of lied their age to come to Gallipoli it would be horrible. In Gallipoli you would dig your own hole in the ground with your trench tool and that is where you would sleep. These rooms are extremely small so their not very  comfy. And the best trenches are about one cubic metre in size, but they have radios and are covered with wood or corrugated iron.

Most soldiers were also equipped with  a woollen tunic, breeches, puttees, 100 rounds of ammunition, a rifle, a bayonet, a water bottle a trench tool, kindling wood, food rations and a back pack. But for some they did not have all this equipment and the uniform changed when the weather changed for some. Now days soldiers are equipped with more resources.  And the food they had was cheese, hard tack, onion, jam, tea and the best tin corn beef.

But the stories of these 2 million soldiers who died in trenches live on and are here for people to see and prosper. But I still wonder if conditions could of been better?