100WC week #30

Alex is no ordinary Lion, he does not kill, he does not join in with the other lions but he dances to the drum played by the elder lion. One day Alex woke to the sound of screams, so Alex being Alex ate his cornflake. Then he went out side and saw a heard of buffaloes.

“Who are you” their leader said.

“I’m Alex and I challenge you to a dance of” Alex replied

“What is this danced thing you speak of”

“I will show you” Alex said

It was exciting while Alex danced, because it drove the buffalo away.

3 thoughts on “100WC week #30

  1. Awesome, great job! Next time use a original name ( Alex the lion from Madagascar )

  2. This story was great! The only thing I would correct is that you used the wrong of, you said ‘of’ instead of ‘off’ but other than that good job!

  3. Ben, what a good idea for a story. I like that you have made Alex the lion different. A story with a theme (it is ok not to be the same as everyone else) can be a powerful one. You have used inverted commas (speech marks) and have correctly started a new line when someone else speaks, but do not forget the punctuation, which is always included inside the inverted commas. Reading your entry was enjoyable and I hope to get to read another one soon, well done. Mrs C (Team 100) Hampshire, England.

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