100WC week #30

Alex is no ordinary Lion, he does not kill, he does not join in with the other lions but he dances to the drum played by the elder lion. One day Alex woke to the sound of screams, so Alex being Alex ate his cornflake. Then he went out side and saw a heard of buffaloes.

“Who are you” their leader said.

“I’m Alex and I challenge you to a dance of” Alex replied

“What is this danced thing you speak of”

“I will show you” Alex said

It was exciting while Alex danced, because it drove the buffalo away.

BTN: Reef Funding

This BTN story discussed the Great barrier reef and the problems it has been having. This is why the Queensland and the Federal government is providing 100 million dollars on research to help make Australia’s coral reef water cleaner and healthier. With a plan to restore and stop the Great barrier reefs problems. Here are some of the reasons that the Australian reef authority has listed about why the great barrier reef is in danger are. Climate change, extreme weather, illegal fishing and poaching, water quality and pollution.

Climate change is a problem because it increases the temperature of the water killing reefs and making the Great barrier reef lose its amazing colour. Extreme weather is a problem because floods and cyclones can destroy areas of the Great barrier reef. Illegal fishing and poaching can also be bad because you are killing or taking a fish away from the Great barrier reef. Water quality is also being decreased because of mines and big ports being built along the coast of Queensland releasing sand into the Great barrier reef. But the main problem is pollution mainly because of farmers chemicals travelling down to the Great barrier reef. This creates bad chemicals growing in and on reefs.

The Great barrier sits on the edge of Queensland, it is nearly 350 thousand metres squared, which makes it the largest in the world. In fact it is nearly the size of Japan. The Great barrier reef also has approximately 2900 smaller coral reef’s. This is home to many tropical sea plants and tropical fish. So in 1981 it was announced that the Great barrier reef was put on the World Heritage Status  for being unique and beautiful. But recently it was discussed that it may be put on their Endangered list due to the problems it has been having from all the problems it has been facing.

And everyone is putting in the effort to make Australia’s favourite reef look spectacular. So a local Queensland school is making fish to sell to fish shops so not as many fish are being taken from the Great barrier reef. They are making soft and hard corals, orange clown fish and black clown fish which is a very hard procedure taking nearly 5 years. So I still wonder can Australia’s coral reef be back to it’s original state?

100 WC week #29

“Hello ladies and gentlemen I will be your travel guide for today’s tour” Franklin said. The tour guide journeyed on through ‘the forest of unforgivable realms’. They heard noises coming from the trees.

A young boy called Alex tripped on a route and stumbled across a map that said X marks the spot. Alex got up and read the map , as he read it he noticed something strange. The X was marked on his house. Alex caught up with the group. Later in that day he looked all around his house until he found a glimmering light shinning inside of his cupboard…..

eSmart Digital Licence

eSmart is a website created to give kids a better understanding of being safe on the Internet. Previously you have had to pay to access eSmart but it has been changed so it is free to year six students. Once you have logged onto the website you are given a P.D.F  file that you can read talking about the eSmart website, there are also files regarding the tests.

In order to gain your eSmart digital licence you need to complete all eight tests. These relate to eight areas that that regard being safe on the internet. These tests have ten questions and you must answer eight questions correctly to pass. But before you take the test it is best to read the information regarding that test.

Module 1:  `This module was about digital devices. This test talked about the importance of keeping your devices in a safe. If you want to be safe with your devices it is good to have a pass code keeping your devices safe. It is also a good idea to keep a protective equipment around your devices to keep them safe. It is a good idea to also try to keep less pass codes on your device which can mean piracy is less of an option.

This is why keeping safe on your device and keeping your devices safe is so important. But I still wonder why some people have the idea to steal other peoples equipment?

Module 2: This module was made to give kids an idea of how to be safe with your pass words and keeping your details safe. If you want to be safe it is good to keep your private details as safe as possible. It is also a good idea to keep your details off devices that can be access by other people so it is not always safe to keep private pass words on mobile devices.

If you want to be safe with your pass words you should try to keep them in private that you know only you can access. It is also good to keep your private information on profiles for only your friends and family. But this makes me wonder if most people know this, why is there still so many pass words lost?

Module 3: This module is about staying safe while you you are researching


BTN: Skating Prodigy

This BTN story discussed skateboarding legend Kegin, who has taken the world by storm with his amazing skateboarding tricks. At the age of 9 Kegin had already won the Australia under 18 championships. And now at the age of 12 he is travelling the world with his skateboarding skills. When Kegin first went on tour he was missing to much school so know Kegin is home schooled 3 hours a day so he doesn’t fall behind with school work. Kegin also in his spare time fits in some surfing and he is very good at surfing to.

Kegin’s dream is to become a professional surfer and skateboarder and so far his dreams are looking good. Even some the world’s most professional skateboarders recon in a couple of years Kegin will be the best in the world.