BTN: Bionic Body

This BTN story discussed Bionic Body parts and the effect they have created around the world. Bionic Body Parts are created for people who have inactive body parts, lost body parts or if you where born with no or only a little bit of a body part. Bionic body parts haven’t been around for too long. In 1970 Australia created one of the first Bionic body parts, the bionic ear, which is now being used all around the world. Scientist believe people can have 60% of the human body recreated, which was shown by the Smithsonian Museum who created ‘Rex’ the bionic man. But people are unsure if bionic technology is the future of our life today.

The Smithsonian Museum has been able to create a man competely from bionic body parts. This is a great achievement for the world. ‘Rex’ is able to move and see like a human except ‘Rex’ is still not able to move and see at the same standard as a human.  The Museum has also created lungs, hearts and kidneys that can partially work like a human. They have also created blood from plastic.

There have also been some very succesful scientists from the USA who have been able to create small parts of a mice, rat and monkey brain that can be used in those living animals. And there are so many more bionic body parts that are out there. There is a fake cartalige, organs and eyes that scientists have been able to create. For example scientists have creted an artificial heart that can be used in a living sheep. But with the help of 3D printers scientists will be able to create even more. And with these bionic body parts we will be seeing many more stories just like Alex’s.

Alex was born with a partialy developed right arm which meant he was unnable to use his right arm. So he was given a bionic body part to get him back on his feet (or arms), but I would say he might even be happier that he got to meet iron man. So I have to ask will we be seeing more bionic equipment in the future?

100 WC Week#27

My Ultimate Adventure. It began at the age of ten. I had just flown from Australia to Africa. I was welcomed by the scorching sun of  the Savanna. But a Tornado hit and I was carried away. I woke to the sound of hyenas, wolfs, snakes and lions. As I got up they started to crowd me I was starting to think I was their dinner. So I ran for it, as fast as I could. Then I saw a whale, that is where I jumped on. We flew across the Savanna and right back to my home. I thanked the whale and he told me “I’ll always be around just call.

BTN: Behind you

This BTN episode discussed the Behind you campaign. The 20th of march is national day against bullying. So BTN created a campaign called Behind you. This campaign is all about teaching kids the essentials in stopping bullying. And everyone has been around bullying somewhere, in fact 9 out of 10 kids see bullying when it happens. But only some stand up and help.

Carl from BTN started this campaign, where he went to a class and discussed skills of how to help and stop bullying before anything gets out of hand or bad. He got the kids to do roll plays involving the main types of bullying showing them how they can help.

In the first situation he got four kids to come up and do an act on an aspect of bullying. In this situation there was a bully, a victim and two bystanders. First the bully comes in and begins to annoy the victim, then two bystanders come. The first bystander tells the bully to stop and the second bystander gives a reason for the bully to stop. In the second situation there is a bully, a victim and two bystanders. But in this case the bully is one of the bystanders friends. First the victim asks a question and the bully answers meanly, but the bystanders come in and help the victim creating a ripple effect where the bully becomes nice to the victim.

In the last situation Carl discussed cyber bullying. Unfortunately 40 % of kids experience cyber bullying of some sort. But there are only a few things you can do. One of the things you can do is post a good comment to whatever someone has done to the victim. Or the best thing to do is report to a teacher, parent, police or report to the website on which someone is getting bullied on. But sometimes the best thing to do is ignore the bully and delete him from your profile.

But if you are a bystander be careful not to harm the bully because that would mean that you are a bully, and don’t get yourself in trouble if you weren’t the bully in the first place.

100 WC Week #26

The four young children were all in bed, and all of them had fallen fast sleep. As the night got late Jonathan the eldest of them all woke up to a strange noise. Jonathan woke the others. “Mary, Chelsea, John, I heard a noise down stairs” Jonathan whispered to the others. As he wished not to be found by what ever was walking below. The children got out of their beds and put on their stripped dressing gowns. They walked down, nervous, but there was another noise “cling”, and as they turned the corner….. They saw there Grandma baking some cookies.

Vietnamese Immigration Reflection

In today’s lesson we looked at three main periods of immigration to Australia, here is a link that has some cool websites.

During a period of of time (1975-2011) many Vietnamese fled from there home countries to come to Australia to escape poverty. These people left for many different reasons some for war or some for a new home. But they could only take so many, but the trip wasn’t to bad for some.

Vietnamese still make the trip to Australia today but not all people get to stay. Because Australia will only take true refugees. The ones that get sent home may not be true refugees but Australia may make the mistake. Many Vietnamese get to stay and can be provided with food and water. And some even get better treatment.

There is a boot camp running for 12-15 year old’s that have migrated from Vietnam to Australia. The course goes for 8 weeks and gives kids the chance to involve  there selves in many different activities. The activities are mountain biking, sports like soccer and high ropes. Kids also learn life lessons that may seem obvious in Australia. Vietnamese would originally believe that police aren’t there to help you so the course is run by police dressed up to teach those kids that police can be nice.

Vietnamese that have come to Australia may not all of had a good time. But these courses make these kids or adults have a great time. And many Vietnamese get taken into Australia but there are also the ones that aren’t aloud to come and get sent back to where they came from.

But I still wonder about many things that the Vietnamese have been involved in but I still really am wondering. Where there some Vietnamese that have of fled before 1975?


BTN: Color Blindness

This BTN story discussed color blindness. Color Blindness is passed down in the genes of a parent. Male or Female. But only 1 in 12 boys get it and 1 in 200 girls so it is quiet uncommon. In your eye there are rods and cones. Rods control light and movement in your eye sight and cones control the colors that you can see. The main primary colors humans can see are green, blue and red. This means the if we put these colors together we can see more colors.

But some humans can’t see some of these colors. If some of your cones are unable to control certain colors this would mean that you are color blind. If your cones are unable to control all of the colors this means you may not see all the colors that some other humans can see. But you would still be able to see many colors. It is very, very rare that you are not able to see colors just black and white but in some cases that can happen. Some animals can’t see most of the colors that people can see. For example dogs where they are only able to see blue and green with their cones.

David is color blind but he is still able to get along with life. But he has trouble with seeing red. David’s favorite animal is the mantas shrimp because he is also a bit strange when it comes to eye cones. This means they can see more colors than anything on Earth. Because they have 12 cones including green, red, blue, ultra violet and many other shades. Being color blind can also mean that you may not be able to do all jobs because you may have to see every color correctly. David found out that he is color blind because he took a test where there are many circles and a number that is created but you can only see it if you have all three cones.  So I still wonder is the world that different to non color blind people if you are color blind?

100 WC Week #25


It all began as a normal day for Alice. The sun was shinning with roses swinging from side to side. Alice decided to ride her horse up and down the green.  As Alice was riding she tripped over a pipe and feel down a dark, mysterious and scary tonal. She landed in a lake where she carefully swam to the ledge. There she found herself face to face with a witch looking at her in her glistening and shinning blue eyes. That was where Alice ran as fast as she could. She tripped over a piece of wood and flew into a field of dandelions, until…….

BTN: Wave Energy Plant

Wave Energy Plant

This BTN episode discussed Australia’s first Wave Energy Plant. It is also the first in the world. It is situated in Perth, Western Australia. This is where the waves are big but not big enough to do any harm to installers and mechanics. The Australian government says we may not see these for quite a while because Wave Energy Plants are still experimental and scientists aren’t sure if this is the best way to use Wave energy. But there is also a lot of money that goes into making a Wave Energy Plant.

The Wave Energy Plant converts waves (which come from wind) into Energy which is pretty smart considering that nearly more than 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, which means this can be very helpful.  Waves are created by wind blowing over water creating friction above the top of the water’s surface. This makes the water go up and down giving the wave the effect of a curve.  A wave of water goes underneath and wave of water goes above at the same time. This makes the wave spin in a circle which creates the beginning of a wave and the more wind the bigger a wave can get. But it is only before land where the wave crashes and turns in on itself. This happens on all of Australia’s sea shores.

Tasmania and Western Australia are where most of Australia’s Wave Energy plants will be installed because they are places with the best waves to create this type of energy. They are also accessible by humans. At the moment they are situated out in the sea just off Perth’s sea shore. These are placed just below the water’s surface on the sea shore. They are placed is at least 20-30 metres below the water’s surface. The Wave Energy Plant is currently connected to an electricity grid. This could change considering that this is the world first Wave Energy Plant.

The Wave Energy Plant is made up of circular discs that move up and down every day due to the constant movement of wave circulation in the ocean. The Wave Energy Plant is connected to pipes that pump water at a power plant that is placed just outside of where the beach is. This makes the turbines spin creating electricity.

At the moment this electricity is being used to power a nearby Naval Base which as I understand needs a lot of power to run. But we won’t be seeing many Wave Energy Plants too soon near us because these are still being tested and scientist may discover a more efficient way of using Wave Energy. There are still many better places on Australia’s shores that could produce wave energy but these places are in isolated areas, which means we cannot use them. This may change in the future.

There are still people saying that Wave Energy Plants could affect beaches, waves and local animals. So this leaves me wondering if this is Australia’s next big Idea they could sell to the World or will it not work and affect the marine environment of Australia.


wave energy pic 1 wave energy pic 2

100 WC week #24

then when I looked out of the plane window

“Johny go get your stuff ready we are leaving today” John’s mother said. John and his family are headed for America this would be their first time on a plane. John could feel his blood moving when he stepped onto the plane, he coudn’t believe it. As the plane started moving they were felt amazing. Then when they looked out of the window they saw the whole of austrlia in their hand’s. Johny even saw some ships as they past over head. Then suddenly they heard a burst in the engine and were heading down fast, they heard babies crying, until……

BTN: Amateur Astronomer

This BTN story discussed a young boy called Jonah and his dream to become an astronomer.  Jonah lives in Cicel Plains. He works with his dad as an apprentice mechanic and is always helping around on his property with his dad.  Cicel Plains is perfect for star gazing because there are no lights to affect the sight of the stars. Jonah began to love stars when he started to look in magazines where they showed images of space.

When Jonah got to the age of 15 he decided to get his first telescope. But Jonah thought he couldn’t see what he wanted to see. So Jonah built his own telescope to get a better look at the stars. Jonah was unable to buy a new telescope that could see further than his previous telescope. The telescope goes to a primary mirror that reflects onto a secondary mirror where he can take an image of space.

Jonah decided he wanted to take a picture where the earth meets the sun, so he created a camera attached to a balloon that goes into the air to take the image he wanted to create. It took him 4 months to create having to choose the correct camera, gps and the correct batteries. Once he had built it took him a few weeks to find the perfect temperature but he finally found the right time. The plane reached 33 kilometres high where it got into the stratosphere which is in the ozone layer.

When his plane landed the gps failed so it was found 5 weeks later 50 kilometres away from his home. Soon he plans to launch his camera another time but at night instead of day like he did before.