100 WC Week #22

…but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper…

“Boys I think I found something, start digging”, said Frederic. “Ah boss, that isn’t a dinosaur it’s a skeleton” Frank said in scared voice. Suddenly everyone jumped away and silence filled the air as if you could here the call of  a boy from 5 kilometers away. Frederic dug the skeleton up to find bones and more bones until he found a wrapper. It hadn’t been eaten. So they each took one small bite and all said together “it’s sour but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper. And hey partied all night long.

4 thoughts on “100 WC Week #22

  1. Great work! I like how Frank says, “that’s not a dinosaur, that’s a skeleton”. I also like how you don’t say what the candy is… it keeps you wondering. I also like how you don’t say why they partied or if there was something special they found. I’m curious to read more… keep writing!

  2. Hello Ben,
    I like your 100wc but there are a few thing you need to change.I like how you have used the promp for this week.Maybe next time you can use some leval 5 punctuation like […] ;:-.

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