Week 23 100 wc

Dear diary,                                                                                                                          17/5/1942

Germany (war)

As we walked into the lonely and abandoned, house. We saw dust and a single couch lying there it looked like stone. It had blue and red crosses with a dark and misty cat on top. As we went closer the room became dark, sad and felt like all the happiness had been taken from the world. I decided to get closer and examine, as I looked behind the couch I saw an Australian soldier with pale skin, cuts across his face and at that moment I noticed it was my one and only brother.



This BTN story discussed the issues and concerns around cursive writing. Cursive Writing is starting to be believed as silly or has no meaning.  So many schools across Australia have began using computers more than writing. Finland has completely ditched cursive writing all across the country. NAPLAN is now having all their test on technology which some say could either increase or decrease the results of tests.

I wonder why so many,  many schools are getting rid of cursive writing because it decreases spelling, neatness and speed of writing. Those are just some of the reasons why cursive writing is important. By getting rid of cursive writing would mean that all of Nicolas Nicola’s effort would go to waist.

If you would like to see the full story and video please follow the link below.


100 WC Week #22

…but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper…

“Boys I think I found something, start digging”, said Frederic. “Ah boss, that isn’t a dinosaur it’s a skeleton” Frank said in scared voice. Suddenly everyone jumped away and silence filled the air as if you could here the call of  a boy from 5 kilometers away. Frederic dug the skeleton up to find bones and more bones until he found a wrapper. It hadn’t been eaten. So they each took one small bite and all said together “it’s sour but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper. And hey partied all night long.

2015 SRC speech

Dear Lee and Classmates,

I would like to be the SRC rep for 2015 because I am able to work in groups, I can provide Ideas and am open to new Ideas and I can speak in front of big crowds.

Firstly would you want someone who is unable to work in groups? Well I know I sure don’t. That’s why having me as your SRC rep could help people cooperate and work together. This can also help because being able to cooperate makes me and others able to share information with other students. For example when we work in table groups and our group is stuck; I will say why don’t we go around in a circle. So everyone can get ideas to share.

Secondly I am able to provide ideas and listen to others ideas. You surely wouldn’t want someone who can’t listen to ideas would you? Being able to share ideas helps me to be a great leader because I will always have ideas if we are stuck. Being able to listen can also help others share their ideas with other students. For example in the spontaneous challenge in tournaments of the Mind you always need to share and listen to ideas.

Thirdly I can speak in front of big crowds, which mean I am ready for whatever comes to me. You wouldn’t want someone who is unable to speak in front of big crowds. So I am very easy to work with. I have showed this in the past because I have done speeches for School and House captain.

I have also had some experience with the SRC in the past. Having worked in the SRC, for four years now. This mean’s I am better for the job because I know what SRC feels and looks like.

So if you want someone who can work in groups, provide and listen to Ideas and speak in front of big crowds choose me as you 2015 SRC rep.

From Ben Gray


100 WC Week #20

The prompt this week is five words, all of which need to be in your writing. It doesn’t matter what order they come in but they must all be there. The words are:

Sandwich   Grey   Miserable   Hyena   Climb

“Gather around, gather around kids its story time” the Old Lady whispered. “Once upon a time there was a  grey hyena called Frederic. He decided to climb Miserable Mountain to eat the Sacred Sandwich, “the Old Lady told them”. “Excuse me miss what happened to the grey hyena”, the young boy replied. “Well it is said that he is still around today, always searching  for any sandwich’s he can find. And when he has finished eating the sandwich he will eat all the children inside of the house” the old lady said with a glitch. So now no one will leave sandwich’s out ever again.

Letter to Lee

Hi Lee,

Your trip to Tasmania sounded fantastic, it looks like your mum is having a great time on her new bike and the bench you made with your Dad looks awesome and pretty cosy. Did you go anywhere else on your trip to Tasmania? I have never been to Tasmania.

On my Holidays I went to Inverloch, we rented a house not too far from where the beach is. We stayed there for a week, and did many things. We snorkelled at the inlet which is in walking distance from where, we were staying and I also gave wind surfing a try at the inlet. It was a bit tricky at the start but then I got the hang of it. We also could go down to the surf beach where the waves where huge so I had to go out with my uncle Dave. There are some rock pools and smaller inlets before you get to the surf beach in which have some enormous sea hares and crabs but we could also find some little data fish swimming the water. Inverloch also has the Gippsland Conservation Society where I got some juicy Information to help Grace, Ruby and myself as coastal ambassadors. We also went a little bit further out of Inverloch to see the crashing waves of Cape Patterson, which were being ridden by some epic body borders. Lastly we went down to the beach, where we have to go all the way down to the end of the beach to walk on some fabulous walks and enjoy the great views of Inverloch.

On the Holidays I started reading The Lord of the Rings series starting with The Fellowship Of The Ring. I love how J.R.R.Tolkien writes the book as it makes me feel like I’m in the book right next to Bilbo and Frodo. I am really enjoying it so far. Wonder what will happen next?

I have a Brother called Flynn who’s in 5/6 with Antony, my mum’s  is teaching at Williamstown High School, my dad is also a teacher  and he works at Peter Lalor Vocational College and we have two pets Joe the bird and Rusty the dog.

I also love to play sport, I have a very wide range of sports that I do. The sports I do all year round are tennis Taekwondo, swimming and FUTSAL. The sports I only do in winter are Hockey and Soccer. The sport I do just in summer is Athletics. As you can see here I love sport.

For Christmas I got some pretty cool things. I got a PS4 and I was so excited because I have been saving up  for two years now, I also got a skateboard and a body board and some other really cool stuff.

From Ben