Camp report Questacon

School camp report QUESTACON

I couldn’t believe it when we made it to Canberra. The smiles on every ones face rose high into the sky. Our first activity was Questacon the Australian science that museum. This was my favourite part of camp and the AIS.

First we got a gift from the gift shop; we could get a gift from Questacon and the Telstra tower. I got a nano Lego a hippopotamus, I made it on Saturday. It is amazing what you can make with a bunch of blocks.

Secondly we went to the free fall, the free fall was incredible. What you do is walk up 3 flights of stairs there’s a cue so you have to wait a little bit. Then you get to a ledge where you come up and sit on it, then grab onto a metal bar slide off the ledge and let go on the count of one, two, three. I think everyone felt a little scared. But I went on it two times.

After that we did some activities on science. There are three levels, one level on the universe and Extreme weather which had a real life lightning simulator. There is one level with inventions, one of the inventions makes patterns it has a different pattern every time, I got to keep a drawing. And the other level was all about the deception of the mind which makes you think, see and do things you are not trying to do.

Lastly we got a partner and researched on a specific exhibit in Questacon.  I was with Ece, we did it on a bunch of weights. They were all the same weight [750 gr], but all different shapes, some big, some small, some easier to pick up than others. This makes you believe some are heavier than others. And that is my recount of Questacon.

By Ben Gray

Maths Mate Term 4 Week 8

Question: Which is greater 49 kg or 5000 g

Prediction: I predict I will have  to use my prior knowledge of weight to help me answer the question.



  1. find which is heavier (49 kg)
  2. put answer in answer box

Summary: I used my prior knowledge of weight to help me answer the question.