Spelling term 4 week 7

Activity 1:

Essentially- adjective- something needed to be done.

Particles- noun- a fragment of matter that makes solids.

There- adverb- a position of where you are.

Vitamin- noun-any of a group of organic substances essential in small quantities to normal metabolism, found in minute amounts in natural foodstuffs or sometimes produced synthetically: deficiencies of vitamins produce specific disorders.

Temperature- noun- a measure of the warmth or coldness of an objector substance with reference to some standardvalue. The temperature of two systems is the same when the systems are in thermal equilibrium.

Carbon dioxide-noun- a gas that is one of the 3 green house gases.

Methane- noun- a gas that is one of the 3 green house gases.

Nitrous oxide- noun- a gas that is one of the 3 green house gases.

Intricately- adjective- having many interrelated parts or facets;entangled or involved:

Irreversibly- adjective- when something can not be reversed.


100 WC Lord Nulth

He was shocked to find…. He found a little girl screaming for her life as she thought it was going to be over in not more than one second. The girl jumps right up out of the sac, full of courage. Lord Nulth shouts “close the gate let the spiders eat her alive”. She heard these words and ran for her life, but the gates shut too fast for her to get to the exit. The spider’s ran as they wanted to taste her blood, then the girl stopped as she knew she was going to and was eaten alive by the blood thirsty spiders.

By Luca and Ben.

Maths mate Term 4 Week 7

Question: Which is greater

50000 ml or 6 L


Clarification: —

Solution: 1. find the biggest value of weight ( 6 l)

Summary: I used my prior knowledge of value to help me find the answer to the question.

Green house emissions!

Transport            4.500

Air travel              0.106

Heating and cooling        3.242

Hot water            1.709

Clothes dryer     0.000

Lighting                0.376

Refrigeration     1.715

Cooking                0.683

Other Appliances             0.522

Food & Shopping             6.703

Waste   -0.016

green house picture

Spelling Term 4 Week 6

Activity #1:

Antarctica (noun) no plural-

the continent surrounding the south pole

Expedition (noun) plural- Expeditions-

A journey or voyage for a specific purpose.

Recommendation- (noun)- plural recommendations

Recommending something for someone.
Researcher- (noun)- plural researchers
Someone that finds information for a specific purpose.
Alliance- (noun)- alliances
A group made to accomplish a specific purpose.
Activity #2:
Expectation- Expectations (add the s)
Recommendation- Recommendations (add the s)
Researcher-  Researchers (add the s)
Territory- Territories (y goes to ies)
Alliance- Alliances (turn s into es)
Activity #3:
The’re going to be late.
That’s their toy.
There over there.
There are two houses.
There are too many icy pole sticks.
I went to the beach.
“That’s fair” the boy said.
Ill go get a fare to go get on the tram.
“Where are we” he said
We’re all so happy today.
Look at these cloths I’m going to wear.
I’m going to go practise for the test.
She’s performing a medical practice.

Maths mate term 4 week 6

Question:# 16 Which is greater, 13 cm or 1300 mm

Prediction: I predict that i will need to use my prior knowledge of measurement.

Clarification: I don’t have anything to clarify.

Solution: 1. Convert 1300 mm into cm (130 cm)

2. Put your answer in the answer box.

Summary: I used my prior  knowledge to help me find the answer to this sum.

Coastal ambassador application

Dear Lee and Leigh,

My name is Ben Gray. I have been at Moonee Ponds Primary School since prep. I have had an amazing time at Moonee Ponds and I’m sure it would be even better if I was Coastal Ambassador. I have been involved in the Green team member for two years, SRC for four years, the better buddies program, the MVIMP program since year three, tournaments of mind for two years, and many sports such as Hockey 7s which can help with communication skills.

I would like to be a Coastal Ambassador for 2015 because I like the idea of working with other people to make things better. I have always loved animals having dogs, cats, fish and birds. I like keeping the environment in good condition (do this by watering our garden). Also ever since I was a little boy I have been going to Phillip lsland and enjoyed it every time. I believe that all these can help me with the coastal ambassador job.

Communication is used in many places and it will be needed for the job of Coastal ambassador. I believe I have good communication skills because I get along with many different people and I have played many team sports which need good communication. I have also been in Tournament of Minds which involved working as a team, communicating with lots of people about taking on every ones ideas. I believe all of this will help with the role of coastal ambassador.

Organizational skills are used in the role of Coastal ambassador. I believe I have this skill because I can meet due deadlines when I do my homework. In the tournaments of minds you organise costumes, scripts, props, etc. Making these and taking care of these objects involves organizational skills.

In the role of coastal ambassador you need to be open to new ideas. I am always open to new ideas in class and when I do other things in school. When I was an SRC representative and a Green Team member you always needed to be open to new ideas because everyone has a great idea that can help. Also in SRC and Green team you need to think of ideas for making our school better in whatever way possible.

Kind regards

Ben Gray


Chess poem

Chess is but the world on a board.

There are the rulers,

The ones who fight,

The ones who defend,

Or the brave soldiers that risk their lives.

All have powers strong and different from each other,

Can move side-ways , backwards, forwards or diagonal.

White and Black you can play.

But in the end there can only be one winner; who will be victorious, and one loser who will fall to the ground yet to fight another day.

By Ben Gray