Cabaret Recount

On the 28/10/2014 we had the M.P.P.S school cabaret. On the day there were two different concerts; a matinee and an evening concert.

I believe our evening item was the best, I don’t know if it was because of the teacher’s item (Louder by Nathanial), but I just felt good during our performance.

Before the evening cabaret it was hectic full of make up, face paint and amazing costumes! I was the white queen so that meant lots and lots of make up  and my dress was huge. It was a hassle. Now I know how girls feel with dresses.

The moments before was nerve racking for some, but I was OK having done it millions of times in and out of school. Besides I had my iPad there getting a high score of 333 in stick cricket.

As the curtains rose high in the sky our hearts started racing knowing that our parents were out there, somewhere?

Our dance seemed to go so quick. Funny, time really does fly when you are having fun.

After our dance we clapped along to the song Happy by Pharell Williams this was done with all the kids in our school having lots of fun dancing to their hearts content.

The night was fantastic with thrills of joy going through everyone.

By Ben Gray.

Maths Mate Term- 4 Week- 4

Question: #16 (Express in metres; 3 km + 1500 m =




  1. Turn 3 km into metres (300 metres).
  2. Add 1500 metres and 3000 (4500 metres).
  3. Put your answer in the box.

Summary: I used my prior knowledge of measurement to help me solve this task.

Maths Mate Term 4 Week 3

Question: #24, Deduce the 3 digit number.































( A ‘cow’ means it is in the right number but in the wrong spot, a bull means right value, right spot.

Prediction: I don’t have anything to predict.

Clarification: I don’t have anything to clarify.


  1. Find out that there are no numbers from he first number in the final answer because there are no cows or bulls in the number.
  2. Find out that there is a three from the second number that will be in the final answer because we know from the first sum that eight and one are not in the final answer.
  3. Find out that five and three are the final answer because we know from the first number eight isn’t in the final answer.
  4. Find out that three is there ( in the brackets) (3) ? ? because it isn’t on the right hand side or the middle.
  5. Find out that the five is on the right hand side (3) ? (5) because it cant be on the left hand side or the middle.
  6. Find out that two goes in the middle (3) (2) (5) because seven cannot be in it from the first number and that it can’t be nine because nine is in the middle at the moment, because the number in the final answer from this number is a cow not a bull.
  7. Put the answer (325) in the answer box.

Summary: I used problem solving from the (mathematicians toolbox) to help me find out the sum.

Spelling Term 4 Week 2

Activity 1:

Sustainability- (adjective) designed to continue operating for a long time at the same level without having bad effects on the environment.

Particular- (adjective) single, or one, rather than all.

Generator- (noun) a machine for generating electricity.

Renewable- (adjective) able to be renewed.

Environmental- (adjective) the aggregate of surrounding things, conditions, or influences; surroundings; milieu.

Harnessing- (adjective) to put a harness on (a horse, donkey, dog, etc.); attach by a harness, as to a vehicle.

Historically- (adjective) noting or pertaining to analysis based on a comparison among several periods of development of a phenomenon, as in language or economics.

Culturally- (adverb) of or pertaining to culture or cultivation.

Interrogating- (verb) to ask questions of (a person), sometimes to seek answers or information that the person questioned considers personal or secret.

Ethical- (adjective) pertaining to or dealing with morals or the principles of morality; pertaining to right and wrong in conduct.

Activity 2:


  1. It
  2. Is
  3. Call
  4. History
  5. Or
  6. Oh
  7. His
  8. Clay
  9. Coat
  10. Cost
  11. Chills
  12. Chill
  13. Cosy
  14. Cola
  15. hall

Maths Mate Term 4 Week 2

Question: #2 . A bag contains 7 green marbles and 5 white marbles. 1 marble is taken from the bag without looking.Which colour is most likely to be taken out, green or white.

Prediction: I do not have a prediction for this sum because I know what the answer will be.

Clarification: I do not have anything to clarify.

Solution: Pick the colour with the most marbles and that is your answer.

Summary: I used my problem solving skills to solve this problem.

Maths mate sheet 1 term 4

Question: Express in metres (200cm+8m=__)

Prediction: I predict that I will have to use my prior knowledge skills.

Clarification: I do not have anything to clarify.


  1. Convert 200cm to metres (2m).
  2. Plus 8m and 2m (10m)
  3. Put your answer in the box.

Summary: I used my prior knowledge of the metric system to answer these question.