Maths Mate Term- 1 Week- 3

Question: #16 Convert to meters 15k’s

Prediction: —

Clarification: —

Solution: 1. find out how many meter’s are in 15 k’s then put itin A box.

Solution:I used my prior Knowledge.

Spelling Homework Term- 3 Week- 1

Activity 1:

1- I have four opponents on the affirmative team.

2- I will be debating on the affirmative team for this argument.

3-I will be writing a persuasive piece on why apples are better than pears.

4- ” Your speech was inspirational ” today, ” thank you ” I replied.

100 Word Challenge Week #40

“Hey have you seen the new toy” my brothers friend said

“Yeah I’m getting it tomorrow” my brother said in excitement.

When I heard of this I went strait down to the shops to go get the new toy, ‘Toyotatron 3000’. ” Pappa Gorgio do you have the new toy” I asked Pappa Gorgio, sorry but I’m afraid it’s the last one’, he said. So I went searching day and night to every toy shop in the town They were all sold out of ‘the Toyotatron 3000’. Then I said “I wish I wish I could get ‘the Toyotatron 3000’…… Then suddenly appeared “TOYOTATRON.

Maths mate term-3 sheet-1

Question: # 20 ” Whose  locker is located at C1? ”

4 McLeod Hart Bunton Wade Silvagni Jones
3 Coleman Hird Locket Jesaulenko Price Buckley
2 Neitz Voss Reynolds Flower Ablett Shaw
1 Quinlan Skilton Bartlett Ricciuto Doull Covenry
  A B C D E F

Prediction: —

Clarification: —

Solution: 1- look for row C

2-  look for column 1

3- Put in the answer of what is in C1 in your answer box.

Summary: I used my problem solving skills.