Spelling Homework Term- 2 Week- 9

Spelling Homework Term- 2 Week-9:

Activity 1: Corrosion- corrosion is when something corrodes, example the metal corroded. Impervious- impervious means that something can’t  get through something else, example rain can’t get through a rain jacket. Permeable- Permeable means to have something that can get through something, example rain can get through air. Oxidation- Oxidation is the result or process of oxidation. Galvanizing- Galvanizing means that there are  no oxygen particles in metal so they can not corrode.

Activity 2: Corrosion- noun. Impervious- adjective. Permeable- adjective. Oxidation- noun. Galvanizing- verb.

Activity 3:

  1. That is the cow’s house.
  2. That is the hockey player’s hockey stick.
  3. That is the cat’s hear ball.
  4. That is the bo’ys ipod.
  5. That was done by corrosion’s power
























































































100 WC term-2 #37

“Hello fokes and welcome to another fabulous evening. Tonight we will be seeing Australia vs Netherlands”the commentator said.  Timmy Cahill the captain of Australia had a magnificent goal giving Australia  a 1-0 lead.  “so if you are ever going to tell the tail of this goal you should say, But that’s what happened in Brazil when Timmy Cahill got his goal to give Australia this lead over Netherlands. “rrrrrrrr” whistle and Netherlands gets the equalizer.”Wait do I see a Penalty, yes I do”. Mike Jedinak scores giving Australia the lead once again. There we have it half time see you in thirty.

Maths Mate Term- 2 Week- 8

Question: #22 What is the weight of of four grapefruit if one and a half grapefruit of the same size weigh 600 g?

Prediction: I predict I will need to use my problem solving skills.

Clarification: —


1. Divide 600 g by 3.

2.  Add your answer on to 600 g (200).

3. Double it and you have your answer.

4. Fill your answer in the box.

Summary: I used my problem solving skills to solve this problem.

Spelling homework Term- 2 Week- 8

Spelling homework Term- 2 Week- 8:

Activity 1: Recycling– Recycling is a way of helping the environment by by reusing plastic, glass, aluminium, paper. Comprehension– Comprehension is a way of predicting something from the information that you have. Cooperative– Cooperative is a way of communicating with others by including everyone. Molecular– Molecular is something that is made up from something from molecules. Desalination– Desalination is a way of how you subtract salt from salt water so you have salt and water separately.

Activity 2: Recycling– noun. Comprehension– noun. Cooperative– adjective. Molecular– adjective. Desalination– verb.

Activity 3: The new recycling plant where cooperation is everything. People have said that this new recycling plant can recycle things faster than any other plant in the world. They have also created a new part off their plant that just opened this year it’s molecular system can e tract the molecule and make twice as many as they had before and they can make it two times stronger. So far they can only do this with plastic and paper. But the more power they get in their new machines, they may be able to do it for aluminium and glass.




100 WC Week #36

“Little lower little lower” said the construction site. The last peice of my master piece is nerally done. “CRASH”. It’s broken the statue we wished for so many years.

“Can anyone fix it” the leader said.

“No sir” the worker shouted from the bottem of the crash.

“I don’t think it crashed I think we have dicovered a GIANT!!” the police man shouted.

There are new sightings of the new disscovery of giants there is now conclusive proof that there are giants. We took some further information by while we were doing it we found a whole land of these giants….



Maths Mate Term-2 Week-7

Question: #16 Convert to kilograms.

Prediction: I predict that I will need to use my prior knowledge of mass.

Clarify: I do not have any  things to clarify.


1. Find out how many kilograms are in 1 tonne.

2. Fill your answer in the box.

Summary: I used prior knowledge to finish the question

100 WC #35

“Alright boys we need to open the gateway of  fridge door, climb up the fridge then push down the sausage it  will be cold  so brng lots of cloths” the cheif said. Lets gohe thought to himself as he climbed up the fringe. “sir the sausage is black” one of the trops said. So we jumped down running down the fridge door. Wait we left freind behind

“freind do you read me” cheif said

“yes” he replied

“you are going to need to need to jump down” cheif said in a grin


So we had a great feast

The end

Maths Mate Sheet-6

Question: #22. What is the weight of 10 oranges if 2.5 oranges of the same size weigh 500 grams

Prediction: I predict that I will need to multiply and use my prior knowledge.

Clarification: I do not have anything to clarify.


1. Find out how many 2.5 sets of oranges go into 10 oranges (4).

2. Times 500 grams by 4 then fill in your answer in your box.

Summary: I used multiplication to find the answer out.