100 WC week #34

It was the last battle and our team was down on on players and our life deepened on it. “AH” was the only thing that I could her coming from the men on my team. Then I saw the men from the other team gathering around me. But where could I go, I was surrounded. So if I was going to win, I would need to get rid of myself I went into my pocket and took out my keep safe bomb. BOoOoOoOoOoOom. I was gone but I took out my enemies. And after that I was known for my sacrifice.

Maths Mate term-2 week-5

Question: #16 (convert 1 centimeter to millimeters)

Prediction: I do not have a prediction.

Clarification: I do not have anything to clarify.


1. Find out how many millimeters there are in one whole centimeter.

2. Fill in you answer in the box.

Summary: I  used my prior Knowledge.

100 WC Week- #33

Do you think we should be letting only some kids get an education or just a few. So say Lucy a young girl that has the  same rites as any young person. Every child has there own rites just like me. It is not fair we all deserve a Education. Say if you wanted to get an education or when you are older you think of getting a job, with no education you could not get one so you would only be poor and live a horrible life. I believe every child has a rite so Lucy deserves one.

Maths Mate Term-2 Sheet-4

Question: #18- Find the perimeter of the shape.

Prediction: I predict that I will need to find the perimeter of the shape.

Clarification: —

Solution:  1-Count perimeter of shape

2- Put your answer in your box.

Summary: I used (Make a graph or diagram)


100 WC #31

“Hey honney could yu go get the bin and put it out its bin day” Clair said “sure” replied Chris. When Chris went to put the bin he felt something very odd, perculiar and heavy. He put the bin down and looked inside it was a muten BEE. He went running back inside and range the alian guys, they got there strait away. They had a look inside and had never seen anyting like. It bofore it was did not move one bit. But just before they started to disect it, it Chris remembered it was his son Julian. “sorry Buy”…

Spelling Term- 2 Week- 3

Activity 1.

Experimnet- A test done by someone to see what would happen to something when they do something to it. Example; I am going to run an experiment on those Alians.

Viscousity- A statment to determin the thickness of a Liquid. Example; The difference in Viscousity between these two objects is huge.

Croquet- A french sport where people hit balls off the ground with long sticks on Horses. Example; “that was sure a great game of croquet” he said with a smile.

Comunications- A line of comunication between two things to contact each other. Example; “are the comunications up and running again” he said.

Hydrogen- A gas that is used along with oxygen to make water, it can also be found around nebulars. Example; You need 2 hydrogenparticles in water.

Activity 2:

There are four states of matter found in the Universe. Plasma: The most common State of matter in the Universe is Plasma, Plasma makes up the Sun, the Stars, Black holes, Nebulars and can be found in many more plases it is even n your house. Though it is the most common state in the Universe it is the least common state of matter on Planet Earth. Gas: Gas is the Third most common stae off matter in the Universe. It can be found around large nebulars, Blach holes, Star, the Sun, in our home and in many more places. Gases are the third most common state of matter on Earth. Liquid: Liquid is the only reason why we can have living things on our planet because we need Water, our bodies are made up of 70% water. Liquid is only found in afew places in the Universe it is found on our Earths cover which is 66.6% water , it is also found in Earths metal corebut Scientists believe there maybe be some Water on small Moons. Liquid is determind by a word called VISCOUSITY it says how thick that liquid is, the lower the thinner the higher the thicker. Liquids are the most common state of matter on Earth but in the Universe it is the least common. Liquids particles always move at the same rate. Solids: Solids are the third most common state of matter on the Earth making up planets basically everything that we use on Earth. Solids are the second most common state on Earth. Solids particles do not move they are packed together so that is why they are much harder to cut.

Maths Mate Term-2 Sheet- 2

Question: Find the perimeter of this shape. (each side is 1cm)

 Prediction:I predict i will need to use counting to count tne sides.

Clarify: —


1. Count all the sides then put your answer into the box (in this case 10cm)

Summary: I used make a dagrame or graph and make a model.