100 WC #30

“Scarlotte, Frankie and Harry I am going to be dropping you of at your nans huse today because I have got a very important meeting, she will pick you up at 10 be ready.” There mum said in a nervus way. Nan came to pick them up and when they got to her house she put them in the room that there mother slept in. Harry was a curious boy always wanting an adventure. So he went to open the cubured door. He got sucked up into some magical relm and all he could see was snow and trees…. Frankie and when I opened the cubord door…..

Maths Mate Term 2 Week 1

Question: #18 “Find the perimeter of the shape”

(each side is one centemeter)

Prediction: I predict that I need to figer out the perimeter of this shape

Clarifacation: —


1. Count how many sides there are on the box then write down how many there were in the answer box.

Summary: I used make a diagrame or graph

Spelling homework term 1 week 10

Activity 1:

It wa a very chilly day and I did not want to go to another day of parlamentary, because I got caught from the police driving without a licence. Today i will be fighting the judge independent. I will be using mediation against the oppositions arguments. I have got a place of tertiary in my arguments.

Activity 2:

parliamentary-  of or pertaining to a parliament or any of its members

licence- a piece of paper that says that you are aloud to do something e.g a car licence

independent- something that is done with not every body e.g indi music

mediation- a reply to someones argument

tertiary- the third of your arguments

Activity 3:

“Which side of the river do you think we should stake our claim?” asked the prospector

The witch used magic to turn fools gold into to real gold

The police constiples insisted that the gold diggers identify which of there fellow were claim jumpers

“Do you think the witch in the story was real or imaginary?” asked the student

“Which gold coach should we bail up next?” asked the bush ranger

On which continent did the Spaniards search fruitlessly for the fable city of gold which was they named “Eldoraldo the gilded one”

Activity 4:

a. Weather- means what the ford cast e.g rain, sunshine and storms. wether- a castrated male sheep. whether- used to introduce a question

b. weigh-a term used to say how many kg one carries. way- how you do someting e.g look at the way of how he runs. whey- a milk serum

c. wear- tells someone what you are wearing. where- tells the reader the position of the person e.g look at where he is standing. we’re- short for we are e.g we’re going to the shops

d. praise- the act of expressing approval or admiration. prays- to offer devout petition, praise, thanks, etc. preys-an animal hunted or seized for food, especially by a carnivorous animal.

e. saw- to cut or divide with a saw. sore- physically painful or sensitive, as a wound, hurt, or diseased part e.g a sore arm. soar- to fly upwards, as a bird.

f. wails- to make mournful sounds, as music or the wind. wales- a division of the United Kingdom, in SW Great Britain. 8016 sq. mi. (20,760 sq. km). whales- a large marine mamle

g. Right- the opposite of left. write- to put down information e.g i am going to write a story. rite- to speak for your point off view e.g I have a rite to vote

h. awe- to inspire with awe. oar- to propel with or as if with oars, row. or- to suggest another topic. ore metal- bearing mineral or rock, or a native metal, that can be mined at a profit.






100 WC #28

Dear Diary,

Today I went to School. Today I had the School Cross country and I was very excited, I actually came in thr top 5 so that meins that i get to get to districs. I need to run 3 ks. But when we got back to class our teacher says get your homework out but i did not get my homework so I said “but i did not have enough time”, so my day went from good to bad and I got a strike on my perfect way of no strikes.  So all in all my day today was alright there were good and bad.

MM term 1 week 7

Question: Fill in the missing numbers to produce correct equatins in every row and colum.

      +     10     =  
    –       +       –
    50     –       =     10
    =       =       =
      +       =     80

Prediction: I will have to fill in the gapes.

Clarafication: —


1. Figger out what you need to minus 10 from to get to 80 and fill it in

2. Figger out what you need to minus 50 from to get to 10 and fill it in

3. Figger out what you need to plus 10 from 80 to get to 90 and fill it in

4. Figger out what you need to minus 50 from 80 to get to 30

5. Figger out what you need to plus 50 from 30 to get to 80

    80     +     10     =     90
    –       +       –
    50     –     40     =     10
    =       =       =
    30     +     50     =     80

Summary: I used guess, check and improve