Spelling homework week 9 term 1

Activity 1: The federation of Australia is down and the Financial budgets are down from the Immigration of people to flee to Australia. And we are doing nothing just sitting on our couches waiting for something to be done. The executive prime minister of Australia is forming a party to argue against the federation. Immunization is the only way that we will be able to beat the federation. Activity 2:

Federation executive financial immigration immunization
The fact or process of becoming immune, as against a disease. Someone responsible for carrying out plans, especially in a business. The management of money. To come and live in another country. the fact or process of becoming immune, as against a disease.

Activity 3: The state gets its funds through a series of departments, each of which provides services for the public. Each department is responsible to a cabinet minister, but has a permanent head as well. This permanent head is a senior public settler, who usually holds his or her position for many years. On the other hand, the cabinet ministers change from time to time, usually as a result of an election. Activity 4:

Prefix/suffix Meaning Example Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
Un-  the opposite of multi Underneath Under Unhappy Unsatisfactory
Multi-  the opposite of un Multistory Multimillionaire Multimillionaire Multiplication
Over-  to do something over  done Oversubscribed Overcooked Over-banked Overload
Super-  to make something better  supermarket  Superfund  super-special  superficial
-Ish  just one thing  selfish  fish  dish  Gish
-less  to not do something fully  worthless  endless  unless  sunless
-er  to do something more-  quicker  slower  faster  sadder

100 WC

Dear Zoo,

I am appling to become a night zoo keeper. I like when it is dark with lots of monsters and spooooky sounds. I also wouldn’t having all of the animals out of there cage and having a late night party and sleeping in the day with all of the lions. but then i think what if the monkey start to throw some dung at me, that would not be a good impretion on the seals. It might get abit annoying tho because the monkeys might jump on me when I am trying to sleep but then again they are monkeys.

From Ben,

Maths Mate term 1 Sheet 6

Question: #21 how many archery event at the london 2012 paraolimpics.

Wheelchair tennis




Wheelchair fencing

$% $%

$% $% $% $%


$% $% $%

$% $% $% $%

$% stands for 3 events


Prediction: I predict I will have to use multiplication.



1. times 3 by 3

Summary: Make a diagram/model/visiaul simbol

Spelling week #8

Activity 1

News article

The communications with the coalition are down and that is not going to help the Commomwelath of Australia. We are trying to keep this state of Australia at a very compulsory level, but this will be very hard to do if we do not get your help and honesty. We are tryig to come to a concilation but with the ways of Australia at the moment it will be very hard.

Activity 2

Coalition- An alliance , espeiclly formed by persons, fractions and states

Conciliation- to ovr come the distruped or unhonest things

Compulsory- to add something on to it e.g would you like a compulsory role wit that

Conscription- a compulsory contribution of money to a govrnment during a time when war is happening

Comission- the act of of some body Commiting or giving in charge.

Activity 3

1. I pelled all of the potatoes and put them into the pan

2. We have pianoes at home

3. We watched in awe as the two volcanoes arrupted

4. The dog chased the three kangeroes across th paddock

5. I cut up all of the tomatoes and put them in the salad

6. The heroes who rescued the children were awarded medals

7. we took lots of photoes at the weddig

8. all the frightend buffaloes stampeded across the plain

Activity 4

define genuine routine
fine medicine cuisine
line vaccine guillotine
dine adrenaline nectarine
mine citizen machine
vine Mexican scream
spine opinion dream

100 WC week #26

“LOOK UP CAN YOU SEE THAT THING” “WOW”. I wonder what it is I think it is a meteorite, a plane, The Melasia aircraft, A birds poo, The MOON, an “pepermint chock chip” and “cockies and cream” ice cream or it could even be a Ipod 1,000,000. I supose there are lots and lots of things that it could be but what will it be it could even be a thing that you only saw so what if it was a sandwich that I will eat for my lunch because it will be a triple decker sandwich obviously. But it was only a super sausage.

MM term 1 week 5

Question: question #24 Fill in the missing numbers to produce correct equations in every row and column.

5 2 = 3
+ blank blank +
3 + 1 = 4
= blank = blank =
8 1 = 7

Pediction: I predict that i wil have to use my prior knowledge, addition and subtraction.

Clarifacation: I did not need any clarifacation.

Way I solved it:

1. The first thing i did was look at what was already put on the question.

2. Then i figgered out what _ – 1=1 was it was 2 so i put the 2 down.

3. Then i figgered out what_-2=3 was it was 5 so i put the 5 down.

4. Then i figgered out the question on the bottom to help me with the one on the right, the one on the bottom ended out to be 8-1=7 so with that i could figger out that it would be 3+4=7.

5 Then i figgered out what out 5+_=8 it was 3 so i put 3 down.

Summary: I used Quess, check and improve.




Spelling Homework Week #7


Activity 1:

Write homophones for the following words e.g air hair

a. allowed  b. bare c. barren d. bury e. boar f. boarder g.bridal h. caught                                              TWO HOMOPHONES

allowed proud cloud
bare share pair
barren marron saran
bury very berry
boar snore claw
boarder louder powder
bridal idol idle
caught fought taught

Activity Two:

Use a dictionary to assist you with 5 of your list words.

  • Australian- a native or inhabitant of Australia
  • Authorities- a power or right delegated or given
  • Bankruptcy- the state of being or becoming bankrupt
  • Backbenchers- any of the members of a legislature, especially of the house of commons of Great Britain, but not including the leaders of the parties
  • Campaign- military operations for a specific objective

Activity Three:

Make and fix the sentence so it makes sense:

That night, when it was dark, they quietly crept along and go on                the ship’s deck. Everyone was too busy to notice them. By and by they came to a black square hole, and down they crept by a ladder. What was in it? They found a lower deck after they had gone down a little way and had just stepped onto it when the hole was covered over.

Activity Four:

Make the word into a plural:

a. There are two chives in this tribe.

b. We cut the oranges into halves.

c. The    police arrested the three thieves.

d. The baker gave me seven loafs of bread.

e. The men and their wives are touring on the Gold Coast.

f. We stacked the books on the two bottom shelves.

g. The wolves were driven off by the noise of the guns.

h. We swept up all the fallen leaves in the garden

Maths Mate Term 1 Sheet 4 Question #23

Question: Figer out what goes in the boxes

Predict: I predict that this sum will involve subtraction and prior knowledge

Clarify: I will have to figer out what goes in the box


1. Figer out what you minus from 8 to get to 3 and put your answer into the box

2.Figer out what you minus 4 from to get to 2 and put your answer into the box

3.Figer out what you minus from 3 to get to 2 and put your answer into the box

Summary: I used Guess, Check and improve



100 WC Week #25

One day a girl was watching TV and saw on the add something about a robot that would eat everything that you don’t like and do all your homework. So strait away she got the phone and range the number 0123456789. Suddenly she heard a knock on the door it was the robot. But when she lifted the lid the Universe popped right out and into her house. So she could get what ever she wanted from just the reach of her hand, she could throw away the food that she did not like and she could take peoples homework. I wounder what she’ll do next.

spelling home work week #6

  • Those parliamentarians are arguing again – stop them
  • Pass me those volumes of Hansard, please.
  • Do you agree with those new laws to be presented for Parliamentary debate?
  • The police picked up those burglars in the neighbor’s backyard.

Activity 2- What words have silent letters

Debt                foreign            campaign       monarch         sea      cooperate marriage  Adjourn          bridge             roads              rights  shadow

Witch words have silent letters in them-

  • Foreign-silent letters (ig)
  • rights-silent letters (gh)
  • Debt- silent letters (b)
  • roads- silent letters (a)
  • campaign-silent letters(ig)
  • Adjourn- silent letters (j)
  • Monarch- silent letters (ch)

Activity 3-

WORDS                         TWO SYNONYMS                         TWO ANTONYMS

  • govern                         regulate                                       abandon

regularize                                    neglect

  • pollution                    abuse                                    sterility

curuption                             purification

  •  member                      representative                           foe

affiliate                                       enemy