gold rush letter

Dear Dad,                                                                                                            3/12/54

  The air from the gold rush is dirty and dusty; it is very very hot it is not cold like home people get dehydrated all the time, people are dying all around me. Food is very rotten and mutton goes off straight away. Days are hot and humid and the water from the creek is really dirty so people have to li9ve with being hot and dehydrated. I have only gotten 2 pounds of gold. My tent has been flooded out. I am trying to get home. But licenses are very high 1 pound every month. I didn’t pay for the last license.

On the good side have made a very good friend James Scoobie, his heart is like gold. And I ju7st got a new cradle. I will hopefully be back soon.

P.S hope the family is going well and has jenny had kids yet?

 By Harvey