Review Of “Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets”

Review of


And the Chamber of Secret

Do you like books that you can’t let go of, or is full of surprises or even mysteries? This book is for you!! Harry potter lives with his aunty, uncle and cousin (but not in all of J.K Rowling’s books). They treat him like vermin!!!!! They live at private drive “number 21”. Harry potter goes to a school called Hogwarts School of witch craft and wizardry. At the start of the year harry had a uninspected surprise “Dooby” he is a house elf for the Malfou’s. By the time he left there was a metal bar on the ground, the Weasleys came. Ron and Harry had a  little trouble getting to school they missed the train so they flied and hit the womping willow. Then there was the writing on the wall, the Quidich match, the jeweling club, the writing on the wall again, then the spiders (Ron’s greatest fear) and the basilisk.

My favourite part was when harry and Ron found out that Gildoroy lochart is a fraud, when harry destroys the Basilisk and when they get flied away by the forks.  I liked this part because it is very exciting, full of surprises and there is a mystery to it.

I would recommend this book to people who like books that have surprises and like mystery. This book is for kids that are aged at 9-12 years of age. I rate this book 3 and a half stars.

By Ben