This term we learnt about explanations!!!! Explanations must have an Authors purpose, a voice that is (seriuos, impersonal and i must be clear)  and tier 3 words.  it can have paragraphes, into, a conclution, Questions, definitions, examples, compare and contrast, cause and effect, sequence- ordinal words, discriptions ( 5 senses ) and digrams with captions.

state finals

On September the 12 it was a very special day for the hockey 7’s side could they please stand up. That day was the state finals. We got to the Fotscray at 9:00 to get registered, look at where we are playing and get ready for the day.

The first game we played was at 10:30 we played ? By half time we had scored 2 goals and they had scored no goals. We were all very excited. In the next half we scored 5 goals and they had still scored no goals. This means we had won 7-0 we were all very happy!

The second game was at 12:00. The team we played were called Robbin mc Cubbin. We were all very ready for this game because of the last resalts. But this team had won 9-0 in their last game. At the start we were both happy and nervous. When the second half was up we were losing 2-0. In the second half we had scored 1 goal we needed another goal to draw 2 to win. With 1 minute to go Tom had the shot but it was stopped by the foot of the other team, this means we get a stroke with no keeper in the goals on the other team. Dev had the shot and ……. scored, we were all very happy.

Because we had a draw with Robbin mc Cubbin we needed to get more goals then Robbin mc Cubbin to get in the grand finale. In this case we needed at least 2 goals more to stay in the comp 3 to get in the final.

The third game we played ?, it was at 2:00. We were all warming up and thinking of some ideas to help us win and get more goals than Robbin mc Cubbin. When it started we were excited but nervous at the same time. At half time the score was 5-0 we were leading. We were happy about the score but we really wanted to know the score of the other game. In the next half another 5 goals which means we won 10-0.

Robbin mc Cubbin had won 8-0 which means we were in a draw. So we had to play a Golden goal! A Golden goal is where there 5 minute halves, first goal scored wins and if no one scores in the first Golden goal half the take two players off and so forth.

We were very nervous when we started playing the Golden goal. In the first half no one scored (so than there were only 5 players). But unfortunately in the second half they scored a goal, which means we came 3rd in the state. But all in all we had a lot of fun and it was a great day.

by Ben